Scribouillis The Movie

Scribouillis is a tribute to the imagination of children and a metaphor for our fear of the unknown, which we must learn to tame.

Mimi, a curious three and a half year old girl, is up before dawn. With no one else awake, she draws herself a playmate on the blackboard, and the odd creature suddenly comes to life! Startled, but intrigued, she resolves to befriend it with games and treats. Everything is going great… until the creature takes an interest in her blankie.

Mimi doesn’t want to share with the creature anymore, and their fighting escalates, prompting the creature to shapeshift itself into a monstrous growling mouth! Terrified, Mimi traps it and endevours to destroy it by erasing her drawing on the chalkboard. Before she can finish, however, the small remaining bit of scribble screams for mercy, pausing her in her track and promting her to reconsider. She hesitates, then bravely chooses to redraw the creature in its entirety, even if it means she will have to learn to share her space and her blankie.

Scribouillis © L’os de bois 2023 Photo Dominic Morissette